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What do you think of gambling? Should it be banned or not

Gambling should be illegal: Top 5 reasons why I think that I’ve said all I can say, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and mine is that gambling should not be illegal. I don’t gamble myself because its a poor business choice, to much of a risk for me but I like to think that if I ever wanted to go play a few hands that i could make that choice for myself. Problem Gambling - ADAMHSCC If you think that you or someone you care about might have a problem, call the Ohio Problem Gambling Hotline: 1-800-589-9966 Problem gambling is not limited to casinos. Other types of gambling includes bingo, sports betting, online gambling, horse racing, lottery, fantasy football and more. Problem Gambling Facts Tools for quitting | Gambling Help Online Or you may read a book, cook or watch a TV show to stop thinking about gambling. Find an activity that suits you. Say to yourself "maybe I won't go, I will see how I feel in an hour" and then go and do something else. Tools for quitting | Gambling Help Online

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Gambling is risky business, and made even more riskier if you plan to do it online. There are a lot of online sites that purport to be legitimate gambling establishments but in reality are just scams to rid you of your cash or collect your … Stages of Change | Gambling, Gaming & Technology Use Listen to these audio clips to hear how a gambling counsellor's approach changes when a client is in the precontemplation stage and, later, in the action stage.

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Which Gambling Sites are Trustworthy? - How We Rank Sites in A detailed explanation of we go about ranking gambling sites in different categories. Find out what essential criteria we use to rank the best sites. compulsive gambling brain | GamCare I have just seen a video about someone who lost 55 million dollars gambling over 20 years. He still seems very wealthy but the mind boggles about the power of the gambling fix. How can adults talk to young people about gambling? - BigDeal Gambling – How do you talk about it? Parents or trustworthy adults are the best people to have initial conversations about responsible gambling with young people.

Even if you aren't adept at mathematics, this should be a sign that gambling requires massive amounts of luck, and that is something majority of us do not have at a wave of our hand no matter how much we want. The same goes for gambling in the casino or any other form of gambling - think about the chances you stand at winning.

We're A Lot Further From Legalizing Online Gambling Than You ... The first chunk is how close are we to legal online gambling? Not as close as most people would have you think. This DOJ opinion not withstanding and we will address whether this opinion is really ... With sports gambling legal, some are betting on a new kind of ...