Discuss the learning approach to explaining initiation of gambling

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Originally developed to explain narcotic addiction (cf. Woods and Schuster 1971), reinforcement models have been applied to most popular psychoactive drugs and to nondrug addictions like gambling and overeating (Donegan et al. 1983). Solomon (1980), in a broadly influential approach he calls the opponent-process model of motivation, has ...

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Revisiting the role of the insula in addiction. The IC has been known for a while as a receiver of interoceptive signals, and a necessary substrate for experiencing emotion and self-awareness 1, 2, 3. More recently, its role in attention and decision-making has been

A Comparison of gambling motivation factors between Chinese ... A Comparison of Gambling Motivation Factors Between Chinese and Western Casino Players by Lu Ye Dr. Antony F. Lucas, Examination Committee Chair Associate Professor of Hotel Management University of Nevada, Las Vegas This paper explored literature on gambling motivation of Western and Chinese casino Chapter 14. Experimental Designs: Single-Subject Designs and ... Chapter 14. Experimental Designs: Single-Subject Designs and Time-series Designs Introduction to Single-Subject Designs Advantages and Limitations Advantages of the single-subject approach Limitations of the single-subject approach Why Some Researchers Use the Single-Subject Method Procedures for the Single-Subject Design Establishing a baseline Discuss the learning approach to explaining initiation of ... Discuss the learning approach to explaining initiation of gambling (4+6 marks) People learn the positive effects of gambling through this (vicarious reinforcement) and then engage in the behaviour themselves believing they will have similar positive effects. They may also learn gambling behaviour from peers or even media role models.

initiate action potentials in the postsynaptic membrane. .... + Learning theory is able to explain gender differences in smoking, as suggested by .... useful to adopt an interactionist approach as a means of explaining gambling, where reactive.

Social Learning Theory - can explain initiation of gambling. Modelling / vicarious reinforcement. Parents/ valued role models gambling can lead to initiation. Role models = age, sex, ethnic background. High status not low. Rewarding effects = pleasure and social rewards. PSYA4 - A - Learning Theory approach to initiation ... Study Flashcards On PSYA4 - A - Learning Theory approach to initiation, maintenance and relapse in addication (smoking & gambling) at Cram.com. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Cram.com makes it easy to get the grade you want! Learning / Behavioural explanations of addiction - Blogger Learning / Behavioural explanations of addiction You're likely to be asked to apply the learning theories to either the initiation, maintenance and relapse of addiction, or a specific scenario that the question outlines, but generic "discuss the learning approach to smoking/gambling" questions are also possible.