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The Blade and Soul user interface, or UI, is composed of every visible elements and menus the player can see and interact with to complete tasks. Looking Ahead in Blade and Soul - Which got me looking ahead in Blade and Soul to see what’s coming up both for the game and me personally. Since we’re on the cusp of a new update I think it’s a fine time for me to peer down the horizon and talk about what I’m looking … Ten Ton Hammer | Blade & Soul: Frequently Asked Questions

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Blade and Soul is a big deal in Asia. Developed by NCSoft, the game has a massive following, with it being reported in early 2014 that the game had managed to achieve 1.5 million concurrent players in China. Blade and Soul China: Inventory and Warehouse System

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Blade & Soul Hongmoon Weapon, Necklace, Rings, Etc. Guide To begin, in Blade & Soul the Hongmoon weapon and assorted accessories that you get at the start of the game is what your endgame weapon will be, at least for the game as it is released right now, and even beyond then, it'll be the weapon you'll level up with and evolve throughout the game. Blade & Soul Class Overview Guide for the Indecisive Newbie Blade & Soul Class Overview Guide for the Indecisive Newbie. ... Blade Master gives the overall Blade & Soul experience in a single class. It's got good damage, mobility, survivability, a manual block, and crowd control. There really isn't much of a downside to them. Blade and Soul: 2018 Valentine's Event Guide - MmoGah Blade and Soulmate is the Valentine’s event of Blade and Soul this year. It starts from February 7 and ends on March 16. Lover Maker and Heartbreaker are the main part of the event. You’ll need to wear one of the faction costumes and stay alive as the Love Makers and Heartbreakers clash. So today MmoGah will show you how to participate this event.